About using FontAwesome’s CDN in a Vue app

Frontend Jun 20, 2020

This article was posted first here.

Hey everybody! I’m very excited about posting this cause it’s my first post on my blog!

I'm Joaquin Wojcik, a self-taught developer living in Argentina. I've started to write code at my 8 years old. Since that I've always been searching and learning new things.

As you surely noticed, in this article we’re going to talk about using FontAwesome’s CDN on a Vue.js application.

TL;DR: If you need to display an icon based on a Vue.js variable, I encourage you to avoid use the javascript version of FontAwesome’s CDN in your Vue.js app. It will not work as expected.

I’m building a real-time chat in Vue so I decided to add an icon to send some feedback to user about messages status.

When “message.sended” changes to “true” it won’t render “fa-check”.

Right after the user sends a message, I wanted to display a clock (like WhatsApp) until the API saves it. Something like this:

And then, when the API has saved the message, change it to a check (again, like WhatsApp).

But strange things occurred. The icon doesn't change.

At first I thought I broke some of Vue’s reactivity rules but after reviewing the code and analyzing the behavior I realized that the property was being updated correctly in devtools.

Then I remebered that I was using FontAwesome’s javascript version for the first time. I switched to classy css version and it worked.

I literally did this.

So, the problem was that javascript version was removing the <i> tag (created and reachable by Vue) from the DOM and putting a <img> instead.

Want to live this horrible experience?
- Fiddle with FontAwesome JS version(scary one)
- Fiddle with FontAwesome CSS version(friendly one)

And thats all for now! Thanks for reading!


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